Slovenia actions 7,896 square miles (20,256 rectangular kilometers), that is somewhat less than Massachusetts otherwise half of how big Switzerland


Regarding a few-thirds from Slovenia is found in new Alps, the remainder third gradually melts into Pannonian Plains. Respectively, the fresh new weather out of small Slovenia are Mediterranean along the Adriatic Water, alpine in the mountains, and you may continental (Main Eu) throughout the flatlands. Bordering for the Italy toward western, Austria to your northern, Hungary for the east, and Croatia south, Slovenia have an inhabitants of a tiny bit over several mil. When you look at the 1999, throughout the ninety five % of populace try Slovenians. The largest fraction teams is Serbo-Croatians (dos %), Hungarians, Italians, and Gypsies. Roman Catholicism ‘s the common faith. Brand new escort services in Santa Maria flag include three equivalent lateral stripes-all the way through-off white, bluish, and you will reddish which have a bluish and you will light (heavens and you can slope) finish out-of palms from the top remaining front side corner. The administrative centre are Ljubljana. The state language try Slovenian. Milan Kucan has been the president once the 1990.

Slovenians, the new westernmost Slavic some body, was geographically and you can culturally part of Central Europe in the place of of Balkans. Beyond Slovenia, high Slovenian organizations are now living in Italy and you may Austria, and you will a tiny neighborhood is present within the Hungary. Slovenia can often be mistaken for Slavonia (a local inside Croatia) or Slovakia. Because the its freedom into the 1991, intense visitors or any other economic interactions which have Western places, and you may entryway as the a person in the european union, the country has received far more appeal.


Many historians accept that Slovenia is settled between 568 and you can 650 Good.D. , this has been confronted of the a small grouping of publishers who argue you to definitely Slovenians try descendants away from a historical West Slavic individuals entitled Veneti, Vendi or Wends-an individuals that precede this new Romans. The students concur that Slovenians paid inside the establish-date Slovenia by 650 An excellent.D. It preferred a short versatility from the dawn of the understood history when they arranged a kind of associate democracy, that was infamous to several top data, as well as Thomas Jefferson; this ancient Slovenian democracy is actually, based on Harvard historian Crane Brinton from the Catholic Historical Remark, a variable you to definitely «went for the making of contemporary Western organizations.»

After allying themselves towards the Bavarians contrary to the warlike Avars and you may jointly conquering them inside the 743, the newest north Karantanian Slovenians forgotten the independence on their Bavarian allies who refused to get off, and annually or several later toward Franks who subtle the latest Bavarians. Following the strange disappearance off Prince Kocelj, the fresh Slovenians regarding Pannonia appeared beneath the code out-of good Frankish overlord in the 874. For over a 100 years the brand new Slovenian people were in political government of its healthier locals: the latest Bavarians, brand new Franks, the brand new Holy Roman Kingdom, in addition to Austrian Kingdom.

The Christianization of the Slovenians was actually presented from the missionaries regarding Aquileia (now in northern Italy) and you may Salzburg (up coming an enthusiastic ethnically mixed region). The most popular missionaries were the latest Irish bishop St. Modestus about middle-eighth century who labored in the Karantania, additionally the brothers St. Cyril and you can St. Methodius regarding Salonica whom bequeath this new Religious faith from inside the Slovenian Pannonia about later 860s and you may 870s and you may centered a beneficial seminary in order to inform Slovenian people towards priesthood.

Including lingering Germanization challenges, and that first started towards the Christianization process, the fresh Slovenians sustained nearly one or two ages out-of sporadic Turkish raids, especially away from 1408 so you’re able to 1578. An estimated 100,100 Slovenians perished and an equal level of younger people and you may female was delivered to Chicken in which males were taught given that Turkish soldiers ( janizaries ) in addition to people was indeed placed into harems. Inside 1593, although not, the newest united Slovenian and you will Croatian pushes decisively defeated the latest Turks into the the fight away from Sisak, Croatia. Due to the frontrunners out of Matter Andrej Turja ski (Andreas from Turjak, Slovenia), the new danger of then Turkish raids to your Slovenian countries are much more diminished. Slovenians was indeed plus in multiple uprisings contrary to the exploitative international nobility, the most popular of which was the brand new combined Slovenian-Croatian revolt regarding 1573 in which more a 3rd of your own revolutionaries perished within the competition, while many of the survivors was tortured and you can performed. Whether or not Italian language-talking Austrians and you may Germans desired to Germanize the fresh new Slovenians manageable to determine a secure homes-connection with the Adriatic together with Mediterranean Seas, the bulk of Slovenians resisted bribes and you may threats, from time to time putting on genuine family and you may supporters, hence preserving the ethnic and you can social title.