The Video Live Wallpaper app is another free app on the Google Play Store. After installation, open the app and tap on the Gallery option to select your video. Preview and set the selected video by tapping on the “Set live wallpaper” option. The app also offers features such as muting the audio, loop video, and more.

  • By tapping the picture icon in the upper right corner, you can actually get a preview of what the video will look like after you set it as your wallpaper.
  • Flaking paint and lose wallpaper should be removed, and any uneven surfaces must be filled.
  • If you don’t want to buy a steamer, consider renting one from a local hardware store.

You may need to soak sections multiple times before the glue starts coming off. A scoring tool may come in handy for particularly tough jobs. The third method used to remove wallpaper borders is steam. With a wallpaper steamer, you can heat and soak the wallpaper at the same time, making it easy to peel away the border.

How to Remove a Chair Rail and Repair the Walls for Paint

Recently, Apple began phasing out ‌3D Touch‌ in its smartphones, replacing the feature with Haptic Touch. Keep your finger on the screen for the duration of the video. ‌Live Photos‌ are made possible thanks to a background feature built into Apple’s camera app, which automatically starts recording the moment you open it on your device. After you tap the shutter button with ‌Live Photos‌ on, the app saves only the 1.5 seconds beforehand and discards the rest. Overall, the live wallpaper setting is nifty, but I don’t see myself using it in its current state. If a library of optimized live wallpapers was available, I might be more inclined to try it out.

Fill a bottle halfway with liquid fabric softener and water, shake well to mix, then spray the remaining paper with the solution. Allow the liquid to sit for about 15 minutes after working in small sections. Remove the tough wallpaper with a plastic scraper and throw it away.

Lively Wallpaper is the first free Windows live wallpaper app that functions smoothly with Windows 11. So, you can get Windows 11 wallpaper for free from this app. Lively Wallpaper is compatible with most aspect ratios, so you don’t have to worry even if you are using an ultra-wide monitor. Browse the animated wallpapers created by our community.

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Since this house has a pretty open living and dining area, I had decided early that I wouldn’t paint downstairs. Since the painting option was out, I decided that hanging wallpaper would give me the color and character we needed. Holding the top corners, open the top fold and stick the top half of the length on the wall. Then, allowing 50 mm at the ceiling line for trimming, slide the paper exactly into position. Smooth down the middle of the paper with the paperhangers’ brush, working out towards the edges removing the wrinkles and air bubbles as you go.

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Get a razor knife and go along the bottom edge. Next step would be to kiltz starting several inches from the top of what is left of the wallpaper. Remove the remaining wallpaper border pieces.

Using this mark, draw a plumb line using either a plumb-bob or spirit level. A plumb line is a vertical straight line, from which you will hang the first “drop” of wallpaper against and ensure it is hangs straight down. Once the top portion is in place, climb down from the ladder and reach behind the hanging paper to separate the remaining folded section. Align this section with the plumb line, press it to the wall, and brush smooth. You should have approximately 3 inches of paper hanging below the baseboard.