Guidelines about Yamaha FZS

Very versatile – maneuverable in the city, stable on the highway, in corners if you tighten the suspension, it’s like a sport.

06/26/2012 Very versatile – maneuverable in the city, stable on the highway, in corners if you tighten the suspension, it’s like a sport. more

Good afternoon! Ever since autumn I wanted to write a review about my two-wheeled friend Yamaha FZ6-S! Finally got together, maybe I can’t write everything in order, so. ) A motorcycle manufactured in 2005 was bought by me at the end of August 2010 with a mileage of 5600 km, for 215 thousand rubles. The same amount included: Arai Viper integral, Spidi turtle with shoulder and arm protection, Spidi gloves, in general, what fit me in size from the seller. Buying a bike in August (the season is running out) was provoked by the appearance of some free amount of money, although it was not spontaneous. A conscious goal, although at first it was really a "disease", to buy a motorcycle appeared three years earlier, at the same time the category "A" was opened. The driving experience was practically zero. Riding in Minsk in school years, of course, does not count))) Since by the time of purchase I was already seriously "ill", the choice was quite conscious. Liter of course was contraindicated! But I didn’t want to take four hundred, no offense, for the season. Accordingly, as the first mote considered 600s, but again, not a super-sport! Options include the Suzuki SV-650, Honda Hornet and Yamaha FZ6. For some reason I did not consider Kavassaki ER-6, although it is also not bad as the first device. Of the preferences was the presence of a fairing, tk. was going to periodically go to the track. With bikers and just motorcyclists, I was not particularly familiar with anyone, so I chose to watch myself. Of the proposed options, I liked this one, which I drive now))) And I realized that mine immediately, like
just saw! I never regretted it, despite some problems. There was still a month and a half of good weather ahead, but I only dashed off 800 kilometers. After a week of happy possession, the voltage regulator relay burned out. As I understood later (when the second one burned out), it burns out when the speed reaches the red zone, before the cutoff. Visual inspection and ringing by the tester did not reveal any problems with the generator. Since I really wanted to ride, and the sunny days were already shortening, I decided to take a chance and buy a non-original one. I ordered from Moscow from a well-known site, it was in STOCK, it came in 4 days. I put it, the voltage is normal, as it should work, 13.8 volts after 2 thousand revolutions. On phasers, I don’t know how they are on new ones, but in those years at idle, charging does not work. Such a design feature. This is a note, I think it will come in handy for someone))) So, I put a non-original relay and drove carefree for a few more days. didn’t start. It became clear that the relay burned out for some reason, but this something was never found either by me or by the person who understands this. Although I myself have already read a lot of things on the Internet on the forums and tried, trying to understand what was going on. I will not write here in detail, I will only say that with a friend I made a home-made relay-regulator according to the "Skrut Scheme N 2" from one of the forums. At first everything worked, we achieved a voltage of 13.9
volt. But then everything became even more incomprehensible how the generator and relay work. The generator even rewound. As a result, already at the end of winter, an original relay and generator winding were ordered and installed from a well-known American auction. It cost 8100 rubles, though the stator was with a generator cover. With such a generator and relay, I skated the season, pah-pah, there were no more problems at any speed, although at first it was scary to turn to the maximum, it would suddenly burn out again))) In anticipation of the 2011 season, a Korean bi-xenon was installed on the bike for 4500 rubles. Protective self-made arcs were made for 3,500 rubles, where they also embedded their original sliders, which had already been installed on the motorcycle before. The oil filter and Motyul oil were replaced – another 2600 rubles. The plans were to install a direct-flow exhaust, but due to the fact that the mufflers are located under the saddle, it was hard to come up with something and pick it up. Akropovich was far beyond 1 thousand USD. But in the summer, the issue was resolved by installing universal Pro-Sport mufflers. Yes, China, but it sounds at least as good. Installation of direct flow cost 5500 rubles))) Spring still did not want to attack, as a result, it became more or less warm only by the end of April. Autumn is the opposite – in September we practically didn’t ride anymore, the temperature was no higher than 15 Celsius. Thus, 4 full months came out, during which I managed to roll about 8500 km))) I drove about 1500 on the highway, the rest is urban operation, or rather evening and night rides! And now
direct answers to frequently asked questions, such as how much it eats, how much it rushes))) So, the bike is full-powered, 98 hp, not 78, as in the truncated version. The mode of movement is almost always intense, in a different way, well, just no way))) It’s not interesting! I decided to collect checks all summer and see what happens, although I measured the flow rate anyway, when filling a full tank and until the next fill. It came out on average from 7 to 7.5 liters per 100 km in the city. During the season I drove 8328 km. Refueled 95th. Burned 580.58 liters. In total, we have a consumption of 6.97 liters per 100 km))) I was afraid that there would be oil, well, like Yamaha, this is a sin, but the level has not diminished at all! True, I did not twist above 10-12,000 rpm. Up to eight thousand, the bike shows a calm and complaisant character. But after 8000 rpm, some sports roots are already felt))) It sounds and rides much more fun. Tank volume 19.4 l. Weight 207 kg. It is heavy compared to the same Hornet or Esveha. After installing the forward flow, 5 kg decreased))) Landing is almost like on the classics, comfortable, with a straight back. I didn’t drive more than 200 km without a break, but it seems that you can do much more without getting off, there is no fatigue and desire to warm up! You sit like in an armchair) You can drive up to about 160-170 km / h without paying much attention to the oncoming air flow, without bending over. Further, it is felt that the cladding is still a semi-fairing. You can bend down a little, but you won’t be able to lie down, like in sports – the tank is high, the steering wheel is like in the classics, the steps are also not suitable for planting the embryo. But for that
he and a sports tourist, that the dynamics here are combined with a share of comfort. Up to 220-225 km / h, the sixth phaser picks up speed easily, then it is somehow “relatively” more difficult, it’s not very easy to hide. Somehow I didn’t have a chance to test the maximum speed, but I drove 240 km / h with a penny, usually with the second number, on the track, of course. It goes on confidently and smoothly. Any overtaking is easy and hassle-free, just shift one or two gears down and shoot, making sure the maneuver is safe! Oncoming cars, including trucks, do not blow off. But with a strong side gusty wind, driving is not very pleasant. ) In the city, maneuvering in the stream is easy. Yes, and in a traffic jam, when there is at least 1-1.5 cm to the mirrors of cars, there are no problems either. Of course, you can’t compare it with a motard, but compared to pure sports, there are no problems, you can even not lower your legs and maneuver at low speed with a moderately wide steering wheel and it’s easy and convenient! In addition, xenon and forward flow do their job for five plus. About the suspension – it is unregulated and soft. Although it is more correct to call it – comfortable. Brakes – two 300 mm discs – four plus! The place for the second number is quite comfortable, although I would not sit there))) When you drive yourself, you somehow know that everything is under control, at least you feel that way, and when the second number – something somehow. ))) The widespread opinion about the indistinct Yamaha gearbox was not confirmed, you just need to handle it harder and it is sometimes noisy. Sometimes the transmissions are stuck silently, and sometimes as if
the large-caliber rifle was reloaded! Regular tires, to be honest, about nothing. Better change now! I put a used rear cylinder with beveled sides from the track – it just began to stick to the asphalt! In the spring, if I don’t sell it, I’ll install a new set of Metzeller M5. Something like this))) It’s chaotic, however, it turned out, but if there are questions – ask! For a beginner, as the first motorcycle in the early days, it will probably be a little difficult, the weight is still, and it is quite frisky! But make friends with him quickly!

07.02.2012 Good afternoon! Ever since autumn I wanted to write a review about my two-wheeled friend Yamaha FZ6-S! Finally got together, maybe I can’t write everything in order, and. more

Sold a phaser this year. Drove 10,000 km on it. Bought was in perfect condition, completely original. An uncle rode it under 50 years old. Before that, he went to the Urals. When I saw Phaser, I immediately understood – mine. Beautiful. Modern. Cowl. The wardrobe trunk is original (I always traveled with it, I shot it only on the track, the Chinese one fell off). Dynamics – after the Ural PLANE. Brakes – excellent. For three days I was shaking with fear while driving and 15 minutes. after driving. It seemed to me that he was mad: he pressed a little and already 180. On the fourth day, it became easier in the sense of fear. The moto handles well at low speeds and is especially good at speeds from 120 to 220. More conducive to fast driving. The city allows you to flash traffic jams, even if someone presses. Very manoeuvrable. On the track is just great, covering any distance. Wind protection reliably covers up to 180 km / h, from above you can lie on the tank. He himself squeezed 250 km / h on it, but it is already difficult to influence the process. Comfortable ride up to 200 km/h naturally in full gear (leather suit with protection, back protection, closed helmet, leggings, motor boots). The engine pulls two passengers up to 160 almost like one, after 160 a passenger is felt. Together with a passenger (height 175, weight 80 kg. Passenger 185/95) we drove 200 km/h. And it was still possible, but the passenger was very afraid. In general, I began to ride on it. No, not to drive, but to drive. I want to take it slow, but I can’t. It seems that I drove 140, I look – already 200. Motor
gains well up to 8000 rpm, and after 8000 you get a good kick in the ass. The engine is the same as on the P6, only the camshafts and firmware are different. It rises well on the rear wheel from gas to 1. I traveled on it on the track "Leader" in Podolsk. Not suitable for the track. In the second session, I rubbed the driver’s footpegs. Low-lying, pay for direct landing. I didn’t rub my knee. I traveled on it for two seasons and sold it even more expensive than I bought it. Nothing broke. I got into an accident this year (in May) with a BMW X6. They stopped the cops on Rublyovka (such as checking documents, they checked it – they let me go). I start, I continue to accelerate along the 2nd lane, from the left extreme x6 to the right (not a turn signal either.), And I already went around him (the front wheel and steering wheel were already in front of him. Apparently this saved me), he hits me with the front right corner on my left leg . I managed to go to the right and did not fall. He broke one of my left footrests. The BMW fled the scene of the accident. Many thanks to all the bikers who stopped by and helped me (to ride without one foothold is almost impossible on such a bike). The numbers are written down. The cops who stopped me arrived. Application, etc. A month later, the cops found these hooligans. In short, we agreed for the loot. A couple of times it happened that the rear wheel was torn off at a speed of 160 on a wet road. Once at the turn I got on the markings after the rain, the second one drove along the barn in the rain and got into a rut with water, just after the rain I went onto the road to the right and pressed too much (slip and, as a result, skidding). All these mistakes
piloting were forgiven by the motorcycle. We managed to stabilize and continue moving (although motorists who were driving nearby, some to the side, some on the brakes). The mileage was 15,000 – the rubber was worn out. I installed a Metzeller M3. ECLMN. I was driving in the rain, in front of me was a Camry sharply on the brakes, and I was getting ready to overtake him to the best of my ability. Braking front, butt off the ground on a wet road. Stopped without problems. Even in stoppie. In short, stock rubber must be changed to sports. Directly glued. If I had listened to the athletes before, we might not have torn off the rear wheel, I’m even sure. The checkpoint bothered me right away. As soon as you start to gain intensively, not always. I switch to high, and then neutral, up again, and then through one. In short, it does not have time to turn on. And if you do nothing, it will turn on anyway, with the clutch depressed or not. Once it was, increased, gas, neutral, I managed to drop the gas, and how it sticks with a crunch. If I caught neutral, I squeeze the clutch and wait, it turns on for half a second, maybe less. It’s all in the sector there. The Kulibins are doing something to him. I did not do it. If you switch slowly, then everything is ok. I drove it around Moscow and the region. Didn’t go long distance. Once I went to Suzdal, on Friday at 18:00 I left Shchukino. Solid tube. In principle, arrived without problems. On the Moscow Ring Road on the left along the motor lane, along the Gorkovka between cars. 4 hours and Suzdal. In general, I was very pleased with this moto. But life does not stand still. I wanted a litre. Still need to work on 600ke
The gearbox is more intense, but on a liter it is easier in this regard. And yes, the episodes are longer. I took a liter Honda SBR 1000 RR fireblade. I’ll try next year. Eats 7-8 per 100 km. AI 95. Rushing 250 km / h. Costs 190 – 250 tr

11/16/2012 This year I sold a phaser. Drove 10,000 km on it. Bought was in perfect condition, completely original. An uncle under 50 years old rode it. Before that, he went to U.