Best Apps for iPhone – We have collected the most useful apps for iPhone

With almost 2 million titles available in the App Store, it’s hard to choose the best iPhone apps and which ones to install on your smartphone. We will help you decide, as we have selected for you the most useful iPhone apps from dozens of key categories.

Best iPhone Apps 2021 – We've rounded up the most useful apps for iPhone

So you bought a new iPhone. Great. What to do with him now … call? The iPhone does a lot more than let you communicate by voice or FaceTime. The App Store has a huge number of applications that turn your smartphone into a fitness tracker, an encyclopedia, or a tool for learning foreign languages. Think of any possible use for the iPhone, and it’s almost certain that the corresponding app already exists.

However, the problem is to find the right and useful. The App Store is packed full of apps—there are millions of them. There are good ones and bad ones. But, it’s definitely not worth wasting time, just use this article to learn about the most useful apps for iPhone.

Best apps for iPhone

Checking out the best iPhone apps for 2021

This article presents a variety of software categories: photo processing, social networks, instant messengers, task planners and health management. There is even an application that allows you to turn a photo into an object of art. The list is divided into 12 categories so that you can immediately jump to the information you are interested in. There are no games here because they require a separate article.

Choosing the best iPhone apps for 2021

Best apps for communication

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

No matter how you feel about this social network, its messenger is practically unrivaled. You don’t need a phone number to use Facebook Messenger. You can use the application on any wearable gadget without having to take out your smartphone, which is positively different from WhatsApp.

Messenger works on any platform, unlike iMessage, and has a lot of cool features like mobile payments, stickers, and audio calls and video chats with AR masks. You can even play games with people in your contacts. Oh yes, it’s all free.

Microsoft Outlook