In reality, the readings differ by a couple of acres. After the measurement, the readings are broadcast for 10 seconds, and then they are reset (disappear from the screen). Now the pros and cons. 15-1000kPa Looks very small, easily lost in my hand :). Electronic pressure gauge showed 1.94 kg/cm2 Here are a couple of photos of the included pressure gauge:

Manometer for machine

2 atm = 2 kg/cm2 = 28.446 Psi = 1.96133 Bar = 196 kPa. Many sources often equate atm readings (kg/cm2) to kPa/100, but this is not the case. 2-150psi On a regular pressure gauge it was 180 – 185 kPa, which corresponds to 1.83-1.88 atm (kg / cm2). Operating mode: the pressure gauge is controlled by one button. As a bonus, after the measurement, if you press the button, the pressure gauge goes through the units of measurement and automatically recalculates the readings. For example, here is a photo with my regular pressure gauge. The selected unit of measure is retained after switching off the instrument. Measured immediately in kPa, so as not to recalculate. This is what came out of it: For reference: After inflation, the electronic pressure gauge showed 199 kPa, and the regular one 190 kPa (the regular one is taken at an angle in the photo, so it seems that there is 200 kPa). 0.15-10.0kg/cm2 After 30 seconds, the device switches off automatically. On the rear wheel, I found that the pressure is small. Tests: I’ve been eyeing off-line pressure gauges for a long time, as my own pressure gauge was seen to underestimate readings. In our stores, prices for pressure gauges start at 250 rubles. When I connected the pump, I saw that the readings on the pressure gauge in the pump were slightly more than 140 kPa.
This button turns it on, and it also moves the units of measurement. I measured the pressure in the front wheel: 0.15-10.0bar It was decided to find a device that measures in the units I need. As stated in the description, the pressure gauge provides data in 4 units: It turned out 143 on the electronic, against 135 on the staff. The pressure gauge turned out to cost 130-140 rubles. All pressure gauges that I have seen measure pressure either in Bar or Psi, and we are used to measuring in atm or kg / cm2.