Vaz 2114 super auto review.

Vaz 2114 super auto review.

The agony of choice: It all started when I turned 18 and I finally got my license. It was in winter, and since by that time I had no driving experience at all, it was decided to postpone the purchase of my first car for the summer period. In the spring I had a lucky chance and I got behind the wheel of a 2006 Toyota Corolla in the back of an E12 on the machine, I drove it exactly 3 months and 5 thousand kilometers, but since the car fell into my hands quite by accident and was not mine, soon time had to say goodbye to her. And now the long-awaited summer and I am in active search. From the very beginning, I was not going to buy a new Russian car. We considered only foreign cars, but the budget was only 450 tr. I remember that for this money you could only buy a Chevrolet Aveo with a 1.2 engine from the new one, which, in general, is not a lot. Began to look boo. Then I liked only the sonata, they found it in a neighboring city in excellent condition with a mileage of 60 thousand. but .. since the money was not mine and it was my sponsors (parents) who made the final decision, it was decided that this car was too big for an 18-year-old boy. and here for the first time the delusional idea came to my mind to buy myself a 14k. kid’s basin and all the cases. all for some reason immediately approved of this, it is a pity that then there was no person who would tip the scales in favor of buying a sonata. After some time, we called our friends in Togliatti, to find out what and how about the prices, then we were told that since you want a VAZ 2114, then it is worth paying 30 thousand in addition and taking


Purchase: August 21, 2010 got on a bus with my uncle and went to Mordor. ahem. that is, in Togliatti. From us to this miracle of the city 350-400 km. We arrived, we were met there by a friend on the 15th. I remember how I barely closed the back door in his 6 year old car))) We arrived at the dealer, immediately noticed her, black, covered in dust. brought in, looked and went to make out. So I go into the office and they immediately tell me from the doorway that they say we have two contracts for a car, only the prices for the same car are different in them, in one 280 thousand, and in the other 300, but they immediately told me that in any case, they will have to give them all 300. but they advised me to sign an agreement for 280, they said that it would be calmer (apparently a subtle hint that the calmness of customers costs 20 thousand rubles). In general, as I understand it, these 20 thousand settled in someone’s pocket. but oh well, in any case, all dealers then offered the car only at that price.

After the purchase, my uncle got behind the wheel, I was there and immediately went to the service. We bought there Sparco sports seats, a radio tape recorder, speakers, an acoustic shelf, an alarm system, alloy wheels, tinting. For all these joys, I spent another 45 thousand. In the evening we moved home, all the way there was a heavy downpour, so the road was nervous and long.

Well, actually, let’s move on to the most interesting: First, I’ll say about the smell of a new domestic car. it is not so caustic as, for example, in the Chinese, so you can ride with it)) And secondly, probably all my subsequent words about the car will only be about problems, shortcomings and other sins, because they praise it besides the speed in general and not at all. I did not go to the TO to the officials, since this does not make much sense on our cars. At first, nothing rattled in the car, no knocking, but somewhere after 3 months, the interior began to make noise, it was very unpleasant. For some reason, I looked under the hood and saw that the level of antifreeze was at a minimum, I bought and refilled, I will not describe everything, but I had to fill in antifreeze a liter every month, it disappeared somewhere. where could not be identified in any service. Speaking of services, this is probably one of the few advantages, the fact that in order to repair a foreign car, you first need to find a competent master, which is a big problem in such small cities in which I live. and domestic cars can be made almost everywhere. Then the brake pedal frog died twice. brake lights and low beam lamps burned out several times. Once the speed sensor was covered. pleases only that it all costs a penny. At the 5th thousand, Jackie Chan caught fire. burned somewhere 500 km. he caught fire himself, then he went out himself))) Then the brakes creaked, tried to change the pads. did not help. and all this in the first 4 months of operation! and the car is absolutely new!

In winter, the car started up without problems, always from auto start and in any frost, even at -35, it certainly made me happy. The stove in the car is just awful, the car does not stay warm at all in winter, the windows are always covered with frosty patterns, except that it was only warm in the sun)) Many of my friends went to the service and for an additional fee this stove was modified and Tashkent was in the car. but then why not immediately release a car with a good stove from the factory? why people should buy a new but not modified car. again, one of hundreds of questions to the manufacturer.

In the spring, the central lock broke. in general, I was not surprised that something happened) the glass closers came out of standing. everything was fixed for 100 rubles. as it turned out later, it was all the fault of the crooked installation of the alarm. This is by the way about the fact that it is worth installing additional equipment in your city, so that you then have where to go and make claims.

The paint just above the sills in the area of ​​the rear fenders began to peel off in dots. barely noticeable, but again one more fly in the ointment.

The car does not hold the road so hot, it shakes from side to side, at high speeds it behaves very awkwardly, speaking of speed, with the Priorov engine 14ka it picks it up very quickly, even faster than many foreign cars with 1.6. It rides softer than the 14th with a conventional walker. In general, the surcharge of 30 thousand is justified.

In winter, a little trouble happened due to the fact that then I still had little experience as a driver. at night in a blizzard, I flew off a straight road straight into a 3-meter-high snowdrift, the speed was just over a hundred and at that moment, before the impact, I had two thoughts. the first is that I am not wearing my seatbelt and will now be imprinted on the steering wheel, and the second is that if I crash the car, then they won’t buy the second one for me)). impact, the car was covered with snow, I felt a sharp shift of the center of gravity to the side (the car was turned 360 degrees from the impact). and here I am sitting in complete darkness, the car has stalled, I feel that everything is in order with me. surprised. strange that I didn’t hit anything, damn lucky. I think now I’ll get out of the car and watch a dull picture with a broken muzzle of my car, turned on the emergency gang, went out and lo and behold, there is only a bumper. I didn’t immediately remember that there was a number on the bumper, probably from shock. I walked away from the car about 10 meters, found the remains of a bumper in a snowdrift, a bent number, threw everything into the trunk, wound up and drove off. The next morning to the service. the verdict led the body. straightened in some handicraft way, bought a bumper, a TV. for the entire repair it took 3000 rubles. Since then, I have not traveled more than 100 in the winter. for me it was a lesson and okay that it ended so well.

In general, the car, except for those little things that happened to her, did not cause trouble. But once sitting behind the wheel of a foreign car, and specifically then still a new 2nd focus, I was simply amazed at the difference. and it was clearly not in favor of my car. I will also say that the absence of airbags and ABS is also important, because you never know what. and frankly, the car was very cramped.

At the family council, it was decided to sell the car and buy a foreign car. By that time, in 9 months, I had traveled 19 thousand on it. I sold the car very quickly. It has been 2 years since then, I recently saw the owner of my 14th, so he told me that she drove another 120 thousand km during this time. he was pleased with her, says that she herself did not break))) Then he told me that he broke it recently, fell asleep at the wheel and rolled over. made a car and sold. It was unpleasant to me to hear that .. still my first car. nostalgia and all that))).

I almost forgot to tell the funniest thing)). a friend gave me a new gearshift knob for her, like a sport))). So, after a few months, at the moment of a sharp switch from first gear to second, I was horrified to find that the handle remained in my hands. )))) ahaha, there was a wild rzhach in the car, that is, it just fell off))) I had to go home on a stick for the stock handle. For a long time there were subjects of jokes in the direction of my car))

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