The problem has not returned ever since I put a ventilated tray underneath and not to leave it on all day long. Prise up and remove cover at top of keyboard, releasing from the two hinges behind the screen. I would think that you should test the laptop with another 15.4″ screen Driversol. Maybe one of the modules is not making good contact with the motherboard. The only way to find out which one is causing the problem, is testing the laptop with another known good LCD screen. If you don’t have a spare screen, you’ll have to guess.

  • The service always scan your system for the malware files when you access them.
  • Many times I have found that when the system files get cleaned up such troubles go away.
  • Lots of people with HP and Dell laptops with onboard NVidia video have been having problems.
  • The same goes for hardware system interrupts.

The display worked, minus the disconnects, so didn’t think anything of it, but once changed to 60hz, all was well. I’ve had this issue with some Dell D6000 docks.

#3 Turn Off Link State Power Management

Unfortunately, it will be necessary to take the laptop apart and if you have no experience fixing laptops, do not open the case. When I went to restart it, it wouldn’t shut off so I unplugged it and removed the battery like I have had to do before. The fan would run, the power lights would come on then it wouldn’t do anything. All under manufactures warranty but I have to pay $50 shipping. With an external monitor it works absolutely perfect, regardless of whether the LCD-cable is connected to the motherboard or not. IBMs PC-Doctor diagnostics does not find any errors at all. I believe that if you start the laptop without the video card attached to the motherboard, you will not get any video at all, even a basic one.

Temporary Disable

To do this, open the Control Panel in Windows 10 and click Power Options. Next, click the Select option and click “Change settings that are currently unavailable”. Here, you will see the “Enable Fast Startup” option ; disable it and save the changes. Test after each hardware replacement to determine which device is faulty. Also, if you have a scheduled task / process set, that can be configured to wake up the machine as well. Our guide will discuss this problem in detail and each & every step will bring you closer to fixing the issue. These steps have been beneficial in fixing the issue on thousands of PC, so I hope this will work for you as well.